5 Boxing Games Worth Fighting For On iOS and Android

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Aug 21, 2019

August 21, 2019

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Boxing games have been around since the early 80’s when Atari and Activision released the top-down boxing game, ‘Boxing’ for the Atari 2600. Since then we’ve seen a multitude of boxing games on desktop, handheld, console and mobile devices. Today we’re going to mention 5 boxing games on the App Store and Google Play Store that you should dance your way over to.

Real Boxing: KO Fight Club

real boxing app

Real Boxing: KO Fight Club from Vivid Games and EA first released in 2013 with much fanfare. Considered one of the best boxing games with console-like graphics, simple controls and gameplay. Real Boxing is a freemium title with multiplayer and career mode.

The Contender: Fight of the Century

the contender fight of the century

The Contender: Fight of the Century is a game by Frosty Pop Games with an ’80s homage to arcade boxing champions. Controls are limited (on purpose) but contains enough addictive fun to keep you jabbing. The Contender has some cool features to mention such as: Local player vs. player, a great 8-bit soundtrack and an iMessage sticker pack!

Boxing Star

boxing star app

Boxing Star by Four Thirty Three has great graphics and reminds me of the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out style of play. The controls are easy to learn and the customization options are fun. It’s an addictive boxing title with all the features you’d expect in a boxing title, including a story and multiplayer mode.

World Boxing Challenge

World Boxing Challenge

World Boxing Challenge by Reludo has some addictive features under its belt with the ability to train your boxers, grow your gym, and earn in-game currency for upgrades. There’s multiplayer and tournament mode and you can bet on other matches being played. If you’re a stat junky there’s lots of data on a boxers history and markets where you can buy new boxers.

Prize Fighters

prize fighters koalitygame

Prize Fighters by Koality Games is a freemium title with arcade-style mechanics, also inspired by Punch Out! It has a simulation feel and a progression system and is very easy to play in both landscape and portrait mode which is a rarity. The Career mode is fun and doesn’t force you to progress with in-app-purchases.


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