Best Back to School Apps

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Sep 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

It’s time to put away those shorts or flip-flops and face the rush hour traffic again because school is back in session. There are a lot of apps out there for productivity, but only a few can help you with your homework. You’re going to need some handy educational apps to help organize your day at school, so we’ve got a few suggestions that can help you get through it all.

class timetable app

School and university scheduling

Class Timetable

Keep track of your homework and class schedules with simplicity

Class Timetable by the folks at Ice Media Creative is a simple app that’s best used for keeping track of all your daily classes and homework. Just pick your day, add a new event, color code it and you’re all set. You can even set the number of weeks for a timetable and exclude weekends. Class Timetable syncs with iCloud and has the ability to export them with a one-time, low in-app purchase. One of my most favorite features is long-pressing the app on the screen to get a colorful, quick view of your upcoming classes or events. Other features with the upgrade include: notifications, task reminders and to turn off ads. It’s well worth the price for an app that doesn’t complicate the process, to allow you to focus on getting A’s in class.

wunderlist app

To-Do List & Tasks


The all-in-one to-do list organizer

If you want more flexibility with organizing your tasks for school, Wunderlist by 6 Wunderkinder might have what you need. It’s been featured on numerous websites and is packed with To-Do features to help you get through your day. In addition to creating a detailed task with reminders, comments and subtasks, you can set a due date, add notes and attach files, then share them. This feature could be handy if you have the same class as a friend and you want to share homework tasks. Some of the little details we liked about Wunderlist is favoriting a to-do and creating a conversation with someone in a shared list.

Memorado Brain Games app

Brain Games


Sharp Brain, Calm Mind

As we age, our memory gets a bit rusty here and there and we need to keep it sharp by exercising it regularly with various tasks. Memorado Brain Games by Memorado is a great app to keep you from forgetting where you left your phone to play this game in the first place! Memorado is somewhat of an all-in-on app for sharpening your mind because It has brain games and meditation-related exercises. There’s over 40 games and 150 meditations to choose from, plus it tracks your stats and presents you with a detailed analysis of how you did. The games vary enough to keep you engaged – everything from Memory, Mahjong, Speed tests and Language. We really enjoyed Memorado’s games and then seeing the analytical data afterwards. You’ll have a limit of 15-minutes of time to use Memorado until you must decide to upgrade to the Premium version. It’s well worth it given the quality of service they offer and the end result is a better you!

thoughts app

The thinking app


Just sketch it out

Thoughts by Produkt Studio takes away all the clutter in the interface to allow you to quickly and easily mind map, sketch or just write out your thoughts. It’s a great app if you’ve been given an assignment in class and you need an app to sketch out how you’re going to create it. Thoughts comes with an infinite canvas so you don’t run out of workspace and allows you to share your work with your others. It even has night mode which reverses the canvas color for when you’re up late and want to take it easy on your eyes.


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