Fáce Filters

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Sep 5, 2019

September 5, 2019


Transform every photo you take into a masterpiece and turn your entire gallery into the most amazing collection of photos you can share with your family and friends with the large list of filters and stickers we have developed for you.

• Give your photos a special effect with different filters to make any memory the most magical possible.

• Add funny face filters to your photos, and edit your friends’ pictures to give them the most incredible effects.

• Give to each photo your personal style while including as many stickers as you want.

• Edit your favorite photos, transform all the photos you have in your gallery or apply any filter to your photos just when it happens.

• Instantly save your creations to your galley or share them at any social network with just a couple of taps.

• Crop, rotate, and make any change to your photos to make them more popular when you share them.

• Include funny filters to make jokes with your friends or edit your photos like a professional with the large list of editing tools.

Give your photos wonderful special effects, add fantastic face filters to your selfies, and turn your boring camera roll into a surprising and creative collection of pictures.


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