How to Organize a Surprise Party With Apps

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Aug 15, 2019

August 15, 2019

Your significant other, sibling, parent or child’s birthday is coming up and you want apps to do most of the dirty work for you, covertly. You’ll want to be as organized as possible to have a party worth remembering without said person knowing it’s actually happening. Ideally you’ll want to use a few apps that can help you plan, organize and communicate your planned operation. Below are a few apps we suggest utilizing to get the job done.

Private Searching to Organize Food, Drinks, Location and Gifts

duckduckgo app
Privacy Browser


We all know that our searching is tracked, creates a history and then displays ads based on what you search. You’ll want to cover your tracks while searching for the best food and drink ideas for the lucky birthday person. We recommend DuckDuckGo because it respects your privacy and doesn’t track your actions in their browser. Using DuckDuckGo allows you to cover up what you’re searching for from the people you don’t want sneaking around on your phone or computer.

duckduckgo screenshots

Chat Anonymously

threema app
Secure Messaging


The person being surprised shouldn’t stumble upon conversations leading to their party. That’s why there’s apps like Threema, which allows you to chat anonymously and encrypts your conversations without a trace left behind. You can send photos, videos and even voice calls. You could even share files for ideas or create anonymous groups to help plan the party. There’s even a polls feature to take a census on the best party food!

Threema screenshots

Food, Drink and Gift Lists

anylist app
Shopping List


You’ll need a list for lots of things at this party. A list for food, drinks and possible gift ideas are probably on your mind. One of our favourite list apps is AnyList because the lists are shareable, it’s super easy to use and you can create different list groups. It even allows you to create or import ingredients from the web for the meals you might be making. Finally, AnyList has a Calendar – for the birthdate of course!

anylist screenshots

Play a Party Game

the truth comes out app
Answer Questions, Get Put on the Spot

The Truth Comes Out

While you’re feasting with your friends, you could play a game to kill some time. The Truth Comes Out is a fun app for parties that has you answering (and laughing) questions about your friends in the room. Once reluctantly answered, you then vote for the favorite answers and vote. Finally, you can check out who voted and score points for the votes.

the truth comes out screenshots

Embarrass Them With Printed Party Photos

lalalab app
Print From Your Phone


After the party is over and everyone has left, you’ll most likely spend some time on the couch scrolling through the photos you took on your phone. So why not use an app to get them printed right then and there? We like LALALAB because you can print on numerous mediums from your camera roll or social media album. LLL will get it to you from anywhere as quick as possible and the have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

lalalab screenshots


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