Keep Track of Your Mood and Mental Health with Moodistory

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Aug 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

Looking for an app to keep track of your mood swings? Christoph Matzka, the Developer of Moodistory might have the perfect app to help you.

Facing your fears and being proactive about them is one of the most challenging tasks humans must do. Unhappy or angry mood swings ultimately stem from an underlying fear or an event that happened at some point in your life. It takes a lot of perseverance and self-reflecting to feel better over time for some people – and making an effort to track all that is not easy either. You don’t need to keep a physical journal or diary anymore, or search for a pen that works because there’s an app for that! There are many mood-tracking apps out there that attempt to make it easier for you to pay attention to your ups and downs. Of the bunch I’ve played with, we liked Moodistory: Mood Tracker, Diary for a number of reasons, here’s a few below:

Visual Mood Graph

Instead of sifting through all your moods on a certain day to find out how you felt, you are presented with a beautiful graph that displays all your moods in a given time frame. It allows you to filter and drill down by year, month and days and shows your moods for that specific day by tapping on it.

Easy Journal Entries

Moodistory allows you to enter your mood in seconds and if you prefer, add more details. You can describe how your day went by selecting over 140 different types of events and activities. If you want to rate that mood you felt after the cat scratched your leg, you can rate your mood through a color-coded guide and go into more detail (if you wish) by adding more detailed notes and by where it happened. This is key because it helps organize your data into a mood-map to display it in a chart to help you see where and when you were happy, or not so happy.

When You Change The Way You Look at Things, The Things You Look at Change…

Moodistory is great for becoming aware of your moods, and thats key to changing them. A lot of people need that kickstart – to link their mood with an event that happened at any given time. Once you start building more data, you can notice behavioural patterns, changes in your mood habits and learn what influences you positively or negatively. It even displays your most positive and negative events once you use it enough. This data is essential in helping you feel better consistently.

Hard Copies

If digital isn’t your thing or you’d like to share your moods with someone, you can take advantage of sharing or exporting by PDF. Moodistory allows you to select a time range of your entries and filter out information for your PDF. It’s a great feature in situations where you’re working with your partner to better yourself.


I looked forward to entering my moods into Moodistory and watching the data grow. One of the biggest challenges with journals is making any excuse not to keep track of your moods. But Moodistory does a great job of making it fun, even when you’re not in the greatest of moods.

Moodistory is available on the App Store
Find out more on the official website.


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