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Aug 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

over edit and add text app
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Over is one of the most feature-rich photo editing apps out there. It’s packed with layouts and templates for images, video, colors or even transparent backgrounds. We love how easy it is to use and the free-to-use photo editing tools are fantastic.

The U.S. based Over Inc. company started out in 2012 as a simple ‘text-over-image’ app. Since then the app and company have greatly evolved with over 1-million monthly active users.

Upon opening Over, you’re greeted with a ‘News’ screen and a simple interface with a few buttons on the bottom. There’s Discover mode, Templates, a big yellow plus Create button, Teams and a Projects button. When it comes to editing graphics and text, there are plenty of options similar to what you would find on high quality, standalone photo editing apps, such as: size, shadow, opacity, rotation, blur, blend, mask, layers and much more.

The Over interface

What Can Over Do For Me?

Over is a complete solution app from concept to completion. From brainstorming a branding or marketing idea with a team to execution on social media, print or your own website.


We love that there are so many templates to choose from here. Here you will find any type to get you started, including: video, social media, marketing, artsy, fashion, food, photography and so much more. There are quite a few that are free to use as well and the tags and search bar are super handy.


Here you will have the ability to see your projects, folders and schedule posts to social media channels. Scheduled Posts is a time saver and is a Pro feature, but Over gives you your first post for free to test the waters.


In this section of the app, if you have the option of subscribing to ‘Over Teams’, which allows you to share ideas, organize projects and build brands collaboratively. The team can comment on the work created, share the work and ideas in one place and unlock a huge library of fonts and graphics. Finally, other team members do not need to pay to subscribe.


Over contains a ‘Discover’ section which contains all kinds of helpful guides, promos and design challenges. It’s similar to Apple’s Appstore ‘Today’ section.

The Over home screen


Over is feature-packed and offers you just enough to get you started. If you want any advanced graphics, templates or other options except basic elements, you’ll have to sign up for a Pro subscription. Additionally, all the tools used for manipulating text and graphics are free to use as well.

You’re limited in the free version with most templates and backgrounds, but it’s well worth the monthly or annual price if you’re serious about building your brand in the palm of your hands. Additionally, the ‘Teams’ option and in-house support staff features add so much value to the app. Finally, if you are an influencer or simply post a lot of custom-designed photos on social media, Over is a great choice.

over edit and add text screenshot


  • Create beautiful templates from images, video, solid colors or transparent backgrounds.
  • Work and share with your team from the app
  • Scheduled Posts
  • In-house team will help with branding (Pro version)


  • Limited graphics to get you started in the free version
  • Lacks a community-created template section for sharing
  • Basic analytics would be a nice added feature

Bottom Line

Over is a well-rounded and easy to use photo editing app for your mobile device. It’s a must-have app for quickly editing anything.

$14.99 US per month
$99.99 US per year



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