The Best Image Editing Apps For Collages and Grids

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Aug 19, 2019

August 19, 2019

We found the following 3 image editing apps are all outstanding and unique in their own way. Each one offers the ability to effortlessly create a design with text, graphics and photos on a collage or grid and share them instantly on your favorite social media channel.

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over edit and add text app
Image Design & Write on Video


Over is one of the most feature-rich photo editing apps out there. It’s packed with layouts and templates for images, video, solid colors or even transparent backgrounds. We love the ease of use and the photo editing tools are fantastic.

There are plenty of options for manipulating graphics and text like: size, shadow, opacity, rotation, blur, mask and more. Over offers some basic options to get your started, but ff you want any graphics, templates or other options except basic elements, you’ll have to sign up for a Pro subscription.

over edit and add text screenshot

canva app
Logo, Flyer, Card Evite Maker


Canva contains over 60,000 templates for any type of design you require. It keeps your work neatly organized and allows you to share your work and receive feedback from your team anywhere. If you need more, Canva Pro offers access to millions of photos and illustrations to incorporate into your design.

Upon launching the Canva app you’re greeted with a front page of all the possible template types available. Everything from social media, infographics, logos, Flyers, Posters and much more. Next to that is your designs which showcase all your recent work and the ability to download them from this page. Similar to Over, Canva allows you to work collaboratively with a Team. Sharing your work, synching and folder features. With Canva however, you can send free team invitations.

With the Pro upgrade, you get unlimited access to millions of photos, icons, and illustrations. Then there’s the Magic Resize feature to resize your graphics with one click. This feature is handy to export your design to every social media channel format without having to resize for each one. Finally, in Pro you get to save your brand’s colors, logos and fonts for your designs.

In the interface of your actual design you have the ability to crop, duplicate, undo, download and see your pages within a document. There’s not a lot of options for manipulating graphics and photos with Color, Filter and Transparency, but it’s sufficient to get the job done.

What Can Canva Do For Me?

60,000 Templates

Canva has a plethora of templates. If you need a template for social media, logo design, print material, presentations, info graphics or your own website, Canva has it. We like that at the top of the homepage is an easy to access slider for each template category.

Your Designs

The Your Designs section is categorized into your latest designs and your team. From this page you can also download them right to your camera roll.


Teams in Canva are similar to Over in that you can share your design with a designated team and get feedback. Your projects sync across all your devices on desktop and mobile so no team member is singled out. We like the folder organization for your assets, too.

Editing your template

Editing your mockup is quite simple. You can add text, which has an easy to use editing feature, Graphics which contain some free and paid elements, Images from your camera roll, logos, templates, pages for adding more pages to your composition and packs which contain stock illustrations that require a purchase.


We loved Canva for its ability to provide you with a template for any need from its vast library. While it doesn’t offer a lot of actual editing abilities, it’s super easy to use and share instantly.

canva screenshots

piccollage app
Grid & Photo Editor

Pic Collage

Pic Collage by Cardinal Blue is a fun and user friendly collage, card and and grid designer. Anyone of any age could conjure up something in seconds and we had a blast creating designs from their eclectic mix of templates. If you want more resources, you can grab a paid VIP subscription or buy packs individually.

Pic Collage can be categorized into: Grids, Freestyle and Cards. In addition to that, there’s a place for your collages, a store to buy more packs and dropdown menu for settings, what’s new and FAQ.

We loved how easy it was to auto-create a grid or card just by selecting the photos from your camera roll. Pic Collage pieces it together and then offers a user friendly interface to modify your creation. There’s templates for social media – or just make your own, and a handy photo clipping tool to cut out elements from a photo for your collage. When you’re finished, share them on social media channels or print them for a phone case or a holiday greeting card.

With the VIP Pro upgrade to Pic Collage, you get everything you see in the store for free, add up to 5 videos to a collage, no watermarks or ads.

The interface for Pic Collage is super simple on the eyes and fingers. Upon opening Pic Collage, you’re greeted with Grids, Freestyle Grids, Cards and your own collection of work. They offer numerous ways to create, which is a bit redundant but helpful. There’s a Get Started button, the Grid, Freestyle and a ‘+’ button which all take you to the same place. Finally there’s a store to purchase individual stickers and backgrounds for a buck. We love this idea for those who do not want to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

What Can Pic Collage Do For Me?


In grids you simply select your photos or sync up with your social media account and Pic Collage with create grids for you based on the number of photos.


Freestyle mode is where Pic Collage really shines. I mean the features and tools for a freemium app are super impressive. Here you can design your own custom layout, insert backgrounds from a library, photos from your camera roll or the web, stickers, text, doodle on your design or even an animation which is just simple, looping movements for the elements you place down.


Cards are similar to Grids and Freestyle only its for custom-designed greeting cards to share online or get hard copies printed.

My Collages

My Collages is a simple collection of all the work you’ve created.


In the store you can purchase a VIP pass which removes the watermarks, ads and access to more content. The price is considerably lower than the competitors which is refreshing to see. Additionally there’s Stickers and Backgrounds for 1 or 2 bucks which we love. There are so many categories here for just about any theme you need and a section to keep all your purchases in one place.


We were really impressed with Pic Collage for how fun and easy it is to use for anyone. Its feature set is generous and provides ample ways to create the design you want without hassle.

piccollage screenshots


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