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Shadō: The Minimal Snake Game
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Shadō is a modern twist on the classic "snake" game featuring dynamic lights and shadows with a minimalist design.

Avoid obstacles while collecting 10 balls to advance to the next level. The moving balls will "shadow" you (they will follow your every move), but be careful not to crash into the walls! Each section has a new twist, the first being that you move slower when you're in the shadows.

In classic mode, see how long you can get before crashing into the walls or your own tail. High scores are updated to a global leaderboard to compete with players from around the world. Unlock more classic mode levels as you play through the main game.

Key Features:
• Fast Paced Arcade Gameplay with high speed action.
• 30+ levels - A snake game with levels! Introducing shadows, switches, portals, and more...
• Classic Mode - How long can you survive before crashing?
• Online Global Leaderboard - Challenge yourself or compete with players from around the world to see who can get the longest snake.
• Unlockable Bonus levels - Complete the game to unlock free bonus levels!
• Time it right and pass through your own tail, if you dare! But don't crash!
• Multiple control options - Control the ball with a simple swipe or tap the screen to change directions.
• Gamepad support for wireless Bluetooth and USB game controllers.
• Skip levels if you get stuck.
• 100% FREE game! - In app purchase is optional to remove ads only.
• Synthwave electronic music
• Minimalist abstract graphics
• Language options for English and Spanish with more to come...

Inspired by classic games from the past, like the old mobile game snake xenzia and the light bike game from the movies combined with a minimalism design concept.

Download Shadō today for free!

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