Word Wise — Mega Update!

Written by MadScienceLabs

Apr 4, 2020

April 4, 2020

Welcome to Word Wise!

Hello again, Chandler here from Mad Science Labs, introducing the next big update to Word Wise — your favourite sit-back-and-relax word game!




If you are new to Word Wise, here are the basics:

  • Word Wise is designed to be a simple game where you select tiles to make words.
  • Each tile has one to two letters on it, and a value which contributes to your score. Gold tiles have four times the points value as regular tiles
  • If your word is long enough, it will become a SUPERWORD and get a point multiplier. The longer your word is the higher your point multiplier will be, increasing exponentially
  • The last tile of a word has a 10% chance of mutating into an ad. Gold tiles and SUPERWORDS are immune to becoming ads
  • Every 10,000 points you earn a scramble, which replaces and refreshes all of your tiles. You are able to shuffle the board as many times as you like
  • You can use the “i” button to search the available words, and to add custom words
  • Make smaller words in order to drop tiles to the right location to make longer or desired words. This can be done enough times to make very long words
  • Double tap a tile to lock or unlock it. Locked tiles can only be used with other locked tiles, and vice versa. This is helpful as you can isolate tiles for later use in long words, making them clearly visible and less prone to accidentally being used
The ability to search for and add words


Here we see some locked tiles being selected, that we have saved up to make the word astonishingly



So, what’s new?

This update has plenty of cool new stuff. A more comprehensive list of all the new features and changes will be at the bottom of this post, however in short:

  •  Cool new stuff
  • Everything looks better
  • Ads have been added and function as a game mechanic, which is really cool
  • Squashed bugs
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Added music


Here we see an screenshot of the “Car” easter egg, with it’s new model and destructible wheels


Lighting before and after the update


The new update has some awesome music, and with it a new sound menu


The new section which shows you the most popular words you make, and their percentage of use



Ads. We hate ads…

Well, yeah I get it. I don’t like ads either, and that is why I made my ads special. Your typical game would probably throw you an ad at random times, or after words are made. Some that completely lack integrity would probably do it every-other word made. When ads were implemented in Word Wise the focus was to do ‘not that’, and not make them feel like a nuisance. The ad system was designed to incorporate the ads as a game mechanic, making them an antagonist. You can actually avoid ads 100% if all your words are SUPERWORDS (long enough words, long enough being greater than 4 characters). If you would like more details please read the financial model which describes in-depth the implementation of ads: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EsnNonqcwtEjT5UWxUN-ByHg6Ewy9DELdZS1ygCaA20/edit?usp=sharing



Quick note

Many new easter eggs were added, including a couple large ones. My favourite new one is probably “Nutcracker”. There is a shorter word that will also trigger it, but I won’t reveal it so that it may still be a surprise.



Happy Word Making!




The long list of new update features

  • Updated game text styles
  • Improved lighting
  • Did easter egg focused stuff to bring you more easter eggs easier and faster
  • Improved tile drop mechanics
  • Shuffling no longer resets locked tiles (protip: you can shuffle to try and get them closer together, but you will have to deal with the time delay between shuffles)
  • Added 23 easter eggs
  • Updated UFO easter egg to use the new easter egg handler
  • Updated CAR easter egg to use the new easter egg handler
  • Upgraded UFO model to a new design
  • Upgraded CAR model to a new design
  • You now double tap to set tiles as locked or not instead of long press
  • Several efficiency improvements
  • Updated in-game info (things to know)
  • Restart game moved to its own section
  • Stats board is clearer, has more info, and larger text
  • Top 10 most popular words made section added (with percent of all words made)
  • Added words
  • Switched to lightweight render pipeline (LWRP)
  • Fixed interaction through UI which I broke at some point apparently, or maybe not. Turns out it was only a problem on mobile, not on the computer, but either way it’s fixed now
  • UFO easter egg can now be triggered as many times as you can make the word UFO
  • UFO and CAR easter eggs are no longer secrets
  • Removed “Support the Developer Edition”, switching to ad based model
  • Switched user interface to use animations which looks so much better than just appearing and disappearing
  • Improved sound settings menu
  • Added settings section so you can toggle FPS readout
  • As part of the upgraded CAR easter egg model it now includes wheels that break off!
  • Implemented ads as an antagonist
  • Fixed UI text not showing up on some platforms
  • Added music (thanks Kai Engel!)
  • Implemented some more sounds, like UI sounds and tiles whooshing away (thanks DonutShoes!)
  • Added return to home navigation button
  • Added toast for new stats board records and when easter eggs are found
  • If an easter egg is detected to still be in the way by the time the tiles go home, it should shrink away. It will also shrink away if touching a tile
  • Added nice blocker behind zoomed-in pan arrows to stop accidental locking of tiles, though it would seem the issue was from the interaction through UI as mentioned above
  • Added a little prompt for first time players
  • Probably several things I forgot to write and now don’t remember that I did
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