Word Wise Update — New Features, Easter Eggs, and Official Windows Release!

Written by MadScienceLabs

Oct 25, 2019

October 25, 2019

Welcome to Word Wise!
Word Wise is designed to be a simple game where you select tiles to make words. I the developer am happy to announce another big update has just gone live to the Google Play Store!


I’m New to Word Wise?
If you haven’t played Word Wise before here are some things to know:
• Each tile has one to two letters on it, and a value
• Common letters have low values, and lesser used letters have higher values. Gold tiles have four times the points value as regular tiles
• The longer your word is the higher your point multiplier will be, increasing exponentially
• Every 10,000 points you earn a scramble, which replaces and refreshes all of your tiles
• You are able to shuffle the board as many times as you like
• Press and hold a tile to add or remove it from the special selection group. This is helpful as you can isolate tiles for later use in long words
• Use the “i” button to search the available words. You can also add custom words from here


New Features in the Update Include:
• Added ability to search available words
• Added ability to add your own words
• Added “New word discovered” toast (starts at 500 player words made)
• Added “word made x amount of times” toast
• Added volume controls
• Added words
• Tweaks
• Bug fixes
• Spell UFO


Exclusive Easter Egg and Windows Release:
If you don’t like spoilers skip this part, but as part of this post today I am including exclusive game footage of the latest Easter egg! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYwI4jz5OD8
There is also now an official Windows export with fullscreen toggle and quit option: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X05_naD2RbHf8aUqP7S51Nz7ufADcjXY


Different Versions:
Word Wise comes in two flavours. The original, and the Support the Developer Edition. Word Wise contains no ads, and is free to play. If you enjoy the app and would like to give back, you can purchase the Support the Developer Version. As thank you, the S.D.E. has a bonus 20% gold tile spawn rate!
Word Wise
Word Wise – Support the Developer Edition


Final words:
Special thank-you to DonutShoes for providing the tile sounds for the game.
donutshoes.bandcamp.com | soundcloud.com/donutshoes | facebook.com/DonutShoesMusic | twitter.com/DonutShoes
If you found a bug or have feedback, please contact Chandler at madscience27282@gmail.com or visit Discord at https://discord.gg/jWcgxDp


Happy word making!


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