The App Stores are filled with tools to enhance your portraits into a masterpiece. More and more and getting closer to what Adobe Photoshop can do as mobile devices become more advanced. Soon we’ll have all the photo editing tools we’ll ever need right in our pocket. Today we’ll look at 3 apps that we feel do a fantastic job of adding some professionalism to your photos – from filters, effects to high quality editing adjustments.


fuzion app

Fuzion by Leslie GmbH takes double exposure photos and turns them into works of art. Fuzion requires an iPhone 8 Plus, X or newer because it utilizes the phone’s TrueDepth technology. It works by taking the silhouette portion of a photo and removing the background behind it. The silhouette can be blended with another photo and enhanced some cool overlays.

What We Liked

I quite like how seamlessly Fuzion separates the background and masks in a cool filter effect into both the foreground and background. You can choose photos from your camera roll to place anywhere or from a few free stock images. There’s a one-time purchase to get access to more stock photos. The light effects, color and dust effects are fun because you can ‘paint’ them on by simply touching where you want them to go.

fuzion app

Grab Fuzion is currently available on the App Store here.


Polarr is an all around editing tool that does more than just turn your photos into works of art. Its interface is user-friendly and doesn’t try to hard to overwhelm you with icons. Aside from the typical layer support, curve tools, local adjustments, Polarr has some fantastic blending effects and face editing tools. It will also cut out your background with ease and add effects like clouds, weather, light leaks and flares. It’s a powerful tool that almost competes with Lightroom and the color histogram is very useful. The app works seamlessly across mobile, desktop and the web and offers a pro upgrade with access to more of the features built in.

What We Liked

Polarr supports very large JPG formats up to 30 megapixels which is great because a lot of photo apps don’t go that high as of yet. The before and after mode to test your results are super handy and there’s a huge variety of tools and blend modes to play with.

polarr app

Grab Polarr on the App Store here or Google Play Store

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

VSCO by the Visual Supply Company has been out for some time. It has over 130 preset filters in the premium version to spruce up your photos and share them. The free version has basic editing tools like: Contrast, Saturation, and Grain and the upgrade contains advanced editing tools like HSL, Borders, and Video Editing. If you’re serious about using real-world film filters, VSCO has a number of Film-X features, including: Fujifilm Superia 400, or Kodak Tri-X. The great thing about VSCO is its online community where you can follow others users, promote your work and get a chance to be curated by VSCO.

What We Liked

VSCO does an amazing job at simulating old film effects in their presets with actual branded film types. Any edits you perform are undoable at any time. So if you have a photo that you were working on and then starting working on others, you can go back and edit that photo at any stage you were at. Finally, VSCO has the ability to copy and paste presets from one photo project to another and has a beautiful interface.

VSCO app

Grab VSCO on the App Store or Google Play Store



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