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Aug 6, 2019

August 6, 2019

There are over 1 billion people currently learning English and over 5 billion people with a mobile phone. That combination means the mobile phone is the number one choice as a vehicle for an education now. People love to learn naturally and we love watching videos, so ABA English – The English Digital Academy launched an app called ABA English – Learn English on the App Store as a freemium title.

The concept is simple: Watch short films shot in London and New York with English speaking actors that place them in real-life settings. You’ll learn by studying the situation and the film dialogue which include and assist you with the vocabulary, grammar and language skills that you practise. By doing this it allows you to naturally take in and easily remember what you are learning. 

The company uses theirproprietary Listen-Record-Compare technology to experience the language firsthand. It works by imitating the actors’ accents and by doing so, your pronunciation progressively improves without consciously realizing it. You then begin to apply the phrases you learn in daily life situations.

You’ll also receive a personal teacher throughout the course which will help you progress along the way. Or you can instant message the teacher to chat about the films and how they’ve impacted you – which all adds up to improved English speaking. 

Finally, ABA English claims that they are the first online academy that has become an official testing center with permission to issue official Cambridge English Language Assessment certificates.

The feedback for ABA English on the App Store are overwhelmingly positive with over 1,400 5-star reviews. This year they won the Reimagine Award in for Best Educational App. You can try ABA English for free but it’s limited to only a few films and Units. The premium version offers many more, plus offline mode, unlimited messages to the teacher and the ability to receive an official certificate. 

Official ABA English website
Get ABA English on the Appstore
Get ABA English on Google Play


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