Announcing Word Wise!

Written by MadScienceLabs

Sep 14, 2019

September 14, 2019

Welcome to Word Wise!

Word Wise is designed to be a simple game where you select tiles to make words. We are happy to announce the first release has officially been published to the Google Play Store! 

Word Wise comes in two flavours. The original, and the Support the Developer Edition. Word Wise contains no ads, and is free to play. If you enjoy the app and would like to give back, you can purchase the Support the Developer Version. As thank you, the S.D.E. has a bonus 20% gold tile spawn rate!

Word Wise:

Word Wise – Support the Developer Edition

Some things to know abut the game:
• Each tile has one to two letters on it, and a value
• Common letters have low values, and lesser used letters have higher values. Gold tiles have four times the points value as regular tiles
• The longer your word is the higher your point multiplier will be, increasing exponentially
• Every 5,000 points you earn a scramble, which replaces and refreshes all of your tiles
• You are able to shuffle the board as many times as you like

Stay tuned for future updates! Early releases and S.D.E. versions can be found on Discord @


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