How to Make a Comic with an App

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Aug 22, 2019

August 22, 2019

What are the best apps for making comics?

There are many apps out there for creating a comic of any style in an app. Some use the photos or video from your camera roll, others give you the freedom to illustrate while others simply add special FX composited on your video. Halftone 2 from Juicy Bits Software is one of many apps for creating a comic on your mobile phone or tablet. It’s really as simple as choosing a layout, applying filters, moving your captions and speech bubbles around, adding some sound effects and then sharing it as an image or a video. Halftone 2 isn’t the only app available for creating a comic, but it’s one we thoroughly enjoyed for creating a general comic that has all the features we need.

Halftone 2

halftone 2

Halftone 2 is packed with features to take your comic dream from a concept to completion. Let’s take a look at some of its features:

Captions and Stamps

With captions we love the 3D feature which allows you to tilt your captions and balloons on a 3D angle, giving it that professional look. There’s a ton of comic-themed fonts and styles to make your captions and balloons pop here, too. Additionally you can add your own custom fonts which is a huge bonus. Stamps are a cool feature with over 80 shapes like BAM or POW that you can place on your comic. Additionally you can place your own stamps from photos and tilt them in 3D.


Your photos can be imported from your camera roll or from Facebook and Flickr. There are tons of options to adjust the photo from brightness, contrast and saturation and then turning it into a comic-y style with a toon filter.


Here you can choose from over 30 page layout styles that are fully customizable. You can set a background color, gradient or texture for each page or use a blending mode to enhance the way the comic looks.

Video and Sound

Want to export it as a video and add sound? No problem! There’s over 50 licensed sound effects for each panel and an in-app purchase option for a sound pack that has all kinds of sound effects. On every panel you can customize the transition of the built-in virtual camera for speed and movement. So if you wanted a slow pan in from the left, this is possible.

Why We Love It

Halftone 2 is an easy to use comic creator app that is packed with the features you’d expect to materialize your digital cartoon dream. The bonus features we loved were the 3D effects for balloons and the multitude of comic page frames and fonts available for use.

Worthy Mentions



ToonCamera by Code Organa is a cool app for creating a cartoon from your live video and photos instantly. It works in real-time to create a cartoon and adds art effects and filters. When you’re finished you can share your creation through numerous social media channels like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Anime Power FX

Anime power fx

Anime Power FX by Kujo Inc. gives you all the superhero power you’ll ever need…in an app. Create your videos and then add anime-style special FX to create your own anime movie. There’s explosions, and Chi power effects inspired by Street Fighter, Goku, Naruto and the Sailor Jupiter series. Once you’re done you can share it on social media.

Jump Paint

jump paint app

Jump Paint is a collaboration with the popular painting app, MediBang Paint and Shonen Jump. If you love Shonen and creating manga, this is the perfect app for you. There’s a ton of cool features, including: over 90 brushes, materials, layers, comic fonts, sync across devices and share with your team.


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