Street Kart Racing – A True Simulation Racer Game

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Aug 8, 2019

August 8, 2019

Ross and Duncan of UK-based Fat Cigar Productions wanted a truly competitive iOS racing game that put intimate racing in front of a typical upgrade system. The friends wanted to focus on a skills-based game instead of a freemium way level up and win; the result was great gameplay and real life interaction between gamers.

It’s been in production for a 7-years now but the wait is finally over. In that timeframe, 2 kids were born and yet the still managed to self-produce a top-notch Kart racing sim. It was presented at E3 way back in 2014 with numerous betas starting in 2015, a soft launch and then officially launching just last week. The reviews thus far have been stellar on the Appstore for SK. It’s had extensive testing and professional support from the Kart racing industry, including focus groups by hundreds of pro kart racers. It’s a simulation-style racer so don’t expect an arcade-style game. There are week-long championships with real-time multiplayer racing, asynchronous and synchronous play. A super cool feature I admire is the real-time weather (from the actual track location). So If it is raining at Adria, it is raining in the game.

Another interesting feature of SK is the “Verified Account” section on the website. If you race Karts in real-life or are a professional, you can verify yourself to highlight your career and to avoid copycats!

There’s a Career mode on real-world tracks and real-world classes and you can get trained in the Rosberg Racing Academy trained by actual professionals. Heck even the physics were tested for 2 years. Top that off with real Kart racing brands and professional commentators such as Chris McCarthy of Eurosport, Gran Turismo GT Finals games.

Street Kart Racing is currently $4.99 US. Grab Street Kart Racing on the Appstore.


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