Gionathan Pesaresi or ‘Neutronized’, the maker of the Super Cat Tales series and many, many others has a new title out called Yokai Dungeon, and it’s on the Appstore and Google Play now. Yokai is a puzzle arcade with randomly generated dungeons and inspired by Japanese folklore of Yokai (spirits) and old arcade games from Taito. It’s a pleasingly simple game to play by pushing blocks to defeat Yokai enemies, bomb blocks that explode which feels somewhat like Bomberman or special blocks into each other to get points – similar to a match-3 game.

We like that Yokai Dungeon’s rooms, blocks and enemies are randomly generated and not fixed. Neutronized created a set structure for the rooms but within each room will be a different experience each time. At the end of each dungeon is a boss you must fight like an epic skeleton or grimacing whale. There are 20 unique characters to choose from at launch and have a simple, upgradable skill tree for elements such as speed and health. You can stop in the shops to peruse upgradable items, too.

Yokai Dungeon is free to play with ads but it can be unlocked with an in-app-purchase.

Grab Yokai Dungeon on the Appstore or Google Play Store.



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